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Programs Offered



Action Packed Fun

Camp hours are 9:00-3:00 Monday through Friday (Before and After Care available)

Each week will have a mixture of outings, outdoor play, crafts, guest speakers, STEM challenges, and more! Fees are covered in cost of the camp. Campers will earn a badge in a different area of science each week!

Campers must be potty trained and should be between the ages of PK 3- 5th grade. All abilities are welcome. 


Week 1: Ornithology June 3-7 $325

Week 2: Entomology July 1-3 $200

Week 3 STEM camp July 8-11 $250

Week 4: Botany July 29- August 2 $325

Week 5: Ecology August 5-9 $325

Register by emailing or calling Jennifer Fetter-Matthys at (713) 392-9258


Day Program

Outdoor Learning Community

A typical week of an Ecologist School Day Program student will include a variety of activities. The week may start with a trip to the library, followed by a field trip to a local park to read their chosen books.  Items collected on a nature walk may be cataloged using an online nature program. Volunteering may take place at a facility such as the Environmental Institute of Houston, and the week may end with a field trip to the Wolf Sanctuary. An emphasis is placed on spending time outdoors, unstructured play, and child led learning.

We use a variety of curriculums in K-5th grade to provide a well-rounded secular education. There is an emphasis on STEM and outdoor learning.

We are enrolling students for the 2024-2025 school year! We have 3 different classrooms:

PK 3 & 4



The Ecologist School Program is very flexible and offers the following opportunities:

Homeschool Enrichment

Part Time Schooling

Full Time Schooling

Vocational/Social Skills Opportunities


Ecologist Explorers

After School Program & Workshops

Ecologist Explorers is a weekly class for children and their families. The same classes are also offered in workshop format for scouts and other groups. 

Students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Outdoor Skills, Volunteerism and Leadership through engaging lessons using an informal Science education program called Ecologist School. Upon completion of lessons and experiences, students may earn badges in 16 areas.

We currently meet every Thursday from 5:00-6:00 and the park location changes monthly. 

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