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Ecologist School


Ecologist School Day Program

* Project Based    * Child Interest Led   * Outdoor Learning   * Play    * Inclusive   * Low Ratio

Ecologist School Houston is a secular microschool for PK3-5th grade students.  The school is in a cozy home setting with plenty of outdoor space for play and learning. Students enjoy PE, music, and yoga weekly!


We engage in interest led project based learning using secular curriculums.  Students have access to maker space and frequently engage in STEM challenges. Students have individualized 1:1 and small group instruction as well as whole group instruction. 


We believe in family engagement and have frequent community activities and gatherings. We also strive to go on 3-4 field trips per semester. 

School hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00. Before and after care is available for an additional fee.

Part time students generally attend a few  half days or a couple of full days per week. Half days are 9-12 or 12-3.


We are neurodivergent friendly and have students with diverse backgrounds and abilities. 

If you’re interested in applying, please e-mail or call for more information about the program and tuition.


A typical week of an Ecologist School Day Program student will include a variety of activities. The week may start with a trip to the library, followed by a field trip to a local park to read their chosen books.  Items collected on a nature walk may be cataloged using an online nature program. Volunteering may take place at a facility such as the Environmental Institute of Houston, and the week may end with a field trip to the Wolf Sanctuary. An emphasis is placed on spending time outdoors, unstructured play, and child led learning.

The Ecologist School Program is very flexible and offers the following opportunities:

Homeschool Enrichment

Part Time Schooling

Full Time Schooling

Vocational/Social Skills Opportunities

What might a school week look like?

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